• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

Webinar: Success-Based U.S. Patent-Infringement Litigation

Success Stories of U.S. & International Experts

Day: Tuesday July 13, 2021

Time: 10am London, 11 am Paris/Germany, 12 noon Israel, 5pm Taiwan, 6pm Tokyo.

To Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YKjc6-KmTUGoM0IDvL_XqQAgenda

  1. Introduction: Monte Silver, attorney (California/Israel). Seasoned expert in patent monetization. US Litigation Partners, Founder.

  2. U.S. Patent Litigation Fundamentals: Justin Nelson, Partner, Susman Godfrey LLP

  3. Success stories and failures: What it takes to win

Speakers Bio

Susman Godfrey. Susman Godfrey is America’s premier litigation boutique whose talented trial lawyers handle high-stakes litigation across the nation. With more than 140 trial lawyers coast, we handle the most challenging cases throughout the country. www.susmangodfrey.com

Susman Godrey patent infringement success stories include:

  • Rockstar v. Google (Settlement + Sale of Patents Portfolio for $900 Million)

  • MicroUnity v. Intel ($300 Million reported settlement)

  • University of Texas System v. IDEXX Laboratories ($51 Million Settlement)

  • Green Mountain Glass v. Ardagh (Jury Trial – $50.3 Million Verdict; $64.5 million judgment)

  • Diamondback v. Repeat Precision (Bench Trial – $40 Million Verdict)

  • Dataquill v. ZTE ($31.5 Million Settlement)

  • Fractus v. Samsung (Jury Trial, $38 Million Judgement, $100 million recovered in campaign)

  • Sky Technologies v. SAP/Siemens/Microsoft ($70 Million Settlement)

Monte Silver. Having successfully represented US patent owners in sizeable U.S. patent litigation and brokerage deals, Mr. Silver has accumulated vast experience in identifying factors that lead to successful (and failed) patent monetization campaigns. With decades of experience in US litigation, Monte's focus on success-based high-value cases is the areas of patent/trade secrets, commercial litigation and trusts/estates.

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