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U.S. Tax Seminar in Munich: The impact of the 15.5% Repatriation & GILTI taxes on expats in Germany

The U.S. Tax reform hits German-based American  business owners and professionals hard! 17.5% Repatriation tax on 30 years of accumulated profits of German corporations controlled by U.S citizen and Green Card holders! Munich event Wednesday May 9, 2018  Time:  09:30 - 12:00 Event begins and ends with 30 networking session Place: Eden Hotel Wolff, Arnulfstrausse 4 Munich

The 2017 US tax reform created two new taxes: the Repatriation and GILTI taxes. Although intended for US multinationals like Google and Apple, these taxes have a severe impact on American citizens and Greencard holders who are professionals or business owners living in Germany.

This seminar, intended for U.S. and German tax professionals and Americans living in Germany who have interests in German companies, will discuss the following:

U.S. Tax Aspects:

· The Repatriation and GILTI Taxes

· The problem these taxes came to address.

· Understanding the new tax laws

· The impact these laws have on American business owners and professionals living in Germany

· Compliance timelines.  Planning options.  Advocacy alternatives

Monte Silver is a U.S. tax attorney residing outside the U.S. Mr. Silver previously worked at the Estate & Gift Tax division of the I.R.S. and at the U.S. Tax Court. He specializes in providing advanced tax solutions to American expats. In addition to having published extensively on the impact of the Repatriation and GILTI taxes on Americans abroad, Mr. Silver has initiated a global tax advocacy effort to exempt expats from these taxes.  See our website at www.silvercolaw.com  and the global petition at www.americansabroadfortaxfairness.org


Munich event is free but advance registration is required.  To register, send email to info@silvercolaw.com

Private meetings are available on Wednesday May 9. To schedule, send email to info@silvercolaw.com 

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