• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

The Cattlemen Case - very similar to ours

The Cattlemen case is a Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) case currently being litigated in the Federal court in Washington DC. It is about 70% similar to ours. Cattlemen deals with grazing rights of a few farmers and their claim that the Federal Fish/Woods agency issued a rule unlawfully as it did not comply with the RFA.

Our case deals with Treasury and taxes, adding a few serious complexities, and deals with Treasury (a major agency) and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - the main accomplishment of the Republican White House/Congress to date. The stakes are MUCH higher.

Anyways, for those of you who want to understand a bit of what we are dealing with, here are three documents from the Cattlemen case.

Government motion seeking to dismiss lawsuit at the beginning of the case:


Court denying motion to dismiss:


Cattleman motion for summary judgement:


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