• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

Summary update from the trenches

Lots has transpired since Christmas eve, when the Federal DC judge in our Transition tax lawsuit issued a one-sided ruling denying the Treasury/IRS motion to dismiss the tax lawsuit, leaving us just one motion away from winning the case. Specific things you can do are colored in RED below.

1. Interest in our case. Our case is receiving extensive exposure by US tax media and tax associations.

I. Coverage by prominent US Tax publications.

a. Government answers lawsuit after losing motion, reiterating defenses that were already rejected by the court. www.silvercolaw.com/post/tax-notes-in-its-answer-the-government-repeats-the-arguments-regected-by-the-court

b. Article I published detailing the law and legal arguments we used to beat the government, allowing others to copy us and achieve the same result. www.silvercolaw.com/post/so-you-want-to-challenge-a-treasury-regulation-issued-under-the-tcja

c. Article by our lawyer discussing our victory and its meaning. https://www.silvercolaw.com/post/tax-notes-federal-rethinking-validity-challenges-to-tax-regulations-stuart-bassin-our-attorney

II. Our lawyer spoke at two events of the American Bar Association

a. American Bar Association Tax Administration committee - www.silvercolaw.com/post/our-lawyer-speaks-about-case-at-two-american-bar-events

b. American Bar Association Tax committee

2. Our case is cited in a brief submitted to a US Supreme Court!!! The US insurance industry tried to invalidate a minor Treasury rule, but unlike us, got their case dismissed both at the Federal trial court and appeals court. Now they want the US Supreme court to intervene and cite our case in support. Amazing!! www.silvercolaw.com/post/our-case-cited-in-filing-with-u-s-supreme-court

3. Roadshow

I. Past. January 28-February 12. I visited Toronto, Vancouver and Dominican Republic. Each location included tax seminars and events (in partnership with the US Professional Association (thx Deborah)), Amcham Canada tax committee (thx Stanley and Michael), Baker Tilly (thx Dan), a presentation to Toronto expats and tax professionals (thx John Richardson!!), OMG in DR (thx to all the team) and meetings with key supporters of and contributors to our cause and lawsuit.


a. EU trip between April 20-April 31, I will be visiting the London and Paris, for tax events with AARO (Association of Americans Resident Abroad) – www.aaro.org. I am open to visiting other locations in Europe during this trip. If you want to co-host an event, please contact me.

b. Israel. We will be holding two tax seminars. One in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem. Details to follow.

4. Getting involved and supporting the cause.

I. AARO. As you may know, I have been elected to the Board of AARO and am head of its tax advocacy committee. This opens the door to a wide range of activities around the world. Regardless of where you live, if you want to get involved in the fascinating world of advocacy, especially if you have a tax background, contact me.

II. Fundraising. Last but not least. We need to pay the US lawyer. Every dollar counts! Contributions: via credit card at: https://secure.lawpay.com/pages/silverandco/operating, or via paypal at montetal2@yahoo.com

5. Updates. Exclusive updates are available at our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/americansmallbusinesses/

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