• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

Republicans Overseas & Solomon Yue come up big for expats in Transition Tax Lawsuit

In a strong show of support for expats in general and our Transition Tax lawsuit specifically, RO filed an Amicus brief in the Transition tax lawsuit. The decision to do so involved over-coming lots of obstacles, including:

A. The investment of significant time and money.

B. Getting 8 RO chapters to put their names to the amicus

C. Overcome the government’s objection to have RO submit it (thus costing more money and risking having the judge refuse to accept it.)

D. Taking a public stance against a law passed by Republicans and against a Republican Treasury/IRS – a fact that the judge is sure to notice.

I greatly appreciate the support of RO and Solomon.

On a side note, our advocacy (and I myself) has always been totally non-partisan. I reached out to RO and Democrats Abroad (DA) to file an Amicus. DA never answered my email

See the briefs below:

1. RO motion to file Amicus brief:


2. Government opposition to RO amicus:


3. RO reply to government opposition: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11sqE1Nst-qhvB79R2MjWKkvVWaORO5y9/view?usp=sharing

4. RO amicus brief filed with court after judge rules in RO favor:


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