• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

Paul Ryan expects bill on international tax fixes after midterm elections – Great news for Americans

Americans abroad seeking exemption from Repatriation/GILTI tax are starting to see the light!

"We're compiling those issues, typically on the international side, and then we intend to put together a technical correction bill at the end of the year," Ryan said. "A number of stakeholders have been increasing their pressure on Congress to make changes to the tax law, which President Trump signed in December. Groups are seeking fixes to individual, business and international tax provisions where there are some unintended consequences, such as where the text of the law doesn't reflect lawmakers' intentions."

Ryan's comments reflect pretty much how I see things after (i) my 37 meetings with Senate Finance/House Ways means in DC earlier this month, and (ii) my work with Congress since then. Gotta keep up the pressure


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