• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

Judge tosses Cowboys and Cowgirls RFA case out on a technicality

Cowboys and Cowgirls sent back to pasture

Two days ago, the court dismissed the Cattleman case - another RFA case - on a technicality. The lawsuit was pending on the same court as ours - the Federal Court in Washington DC (different judge). The basis for the dismissal - no standing. In other words, the court ruled that the cowboys and cowgirls who brought the lawsuit did not suffer injury from the violation of the RFA and so they had no right to bring the case.

All cases are different. However, this demostrates how many hurdles you must successfully cross to win. One must address AND WIN every single argument. It is enough to lose on the weakest link - which is what the Government obviously focuses on - and it is game over. And in the Cattleman case, there was a top notch lawfirm representing the cowboys/cowgirls.

What does this mean to our case? PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION. Every single angle, every single harmful argument has to be anticipated and neutralized.

I am very confident in our case, otherwise I would not be spending 20 hours a week on it. And just like we won 3 reliefs so far, we can win this one too. And if we do, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will be HUGE news. Our case is precedent-setting in many ways and is also the first RFA one ever against Treasury/IRS, and on Trump's crown jewel no less!

To read the court order dismissing the Cattleman case, see


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