• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

Internal Revenue Service to step up assistance for international taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service will step up efforts to provide access and communication to international taxpayers, including through employee video chats and expanded online accounts.

International taxpayers are among several "underserved" communities that the IRS said it hoped to reach with new efforts.

"Nonresident individuals and businesses with a connection to the United States have unique tax considerations and may have difficulty accessing IRS services," the report said. The agency said it hoped to improve online access for those currently unable to sign on due to foreign telephone numbers or foreign financial accounts, while also promoting online filing. According to the report, only 48.4% of individual taxpayers living abroad file electronically, compared with 88.3% of domestic taxpayers. The IRS also said it would create new "virtual discussion forums" for international taxpayers to discuss questions or concerns. To read the full article, see https://www.law360.com/tax-authority/international/articles/1343679/irs-promises-enhanced-services-for-americans-abroad?nl_pk=3560c92a-1bea-45d9-9031-755103ceea2f&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tax-authority/international

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