• Monte Silver, Tax lawyer

Americans abroad take Repatriation/GILTI battle to Congress - 4 days and 37 meeting - a summary

On June 4, Treasury granted us a one year extension to pay the Repatriation tax.  On June 10, I launched a new email campaign aimed at Congress. Within days we flooded the inboxes of senior staff members of Senators and House representatives who sit on the two Congressional committees who control our destiny: Senate Finance and House Ways and Means (“the Targets”). To leverage the noise that the campaign created, I traveled to Washington, DC. I was able to schedule 37 meetings in four days (June 26-29) all with the key staffers of the Targets. All were sympathetic. No one liked hearing that the law they passed was decimating small American businesses overseas. However, the distance between sympathy to passing a corrective law is great. After one-on-one meetings with House Ways and Means members from 20 states, it became apparent that the focus should be on the Senate Finance Committee and the Republicans who control it. On the fly, I searched the email petitions you sent to find those that came from expats who voted in these states. I forwarded these petitions to the key Senate staffers of those states. The result was astounding: within a day …

TO READ THE COMPLETE REPORT, visit www.aaro.org/advocacy/taxation-issues/712-gilti-repatriation-taxes-a-report-from-washington

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