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60 Page Law Review Article On Our Cases

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Some things are sweet. Some things painful. In our advocacy we have tasted, and will continue to taste, both.

This one is very sweet, for me for sure, as it involves "peer recognition" in the form of serious academic discussion (a Law Review article) on our cases.

Kristin Hickman is the rock star and opinion leader in the area of administrative tax law. A distinguished professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, she previously worked in the White House and consults to serious entities. Her articles carry a lot of weight. In the recent CIC case, the Supreme Court (!!) quoted her on the first page(!!) of its opinion. (see short-version attachment - last page).

Her and her student published this 60 page law review article focusing on several of a few (yes only a few) of the precendent-setting issues our case involves. Our cases are cited dozens of times and are smack center of the entire debate.

And once we win - I anticipate there being many more.

To those who helped make this a reality, enjoy!! You helped make it happen.

Short version:


Long version:


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