U.S. tax for americans abroad and nonresident aliens  monte silver

The Firm



We are U.S. attorneys residing outside the United States with decades of experience in representing non-American entities and individuals in complex U.S. tax and U.S. litigation matters. 


Our principals have established a stellar reputations around the world for their legal competence, integrity and out-of-the-box solutions to legal problems. 


In the area of taxation, we leverage our work experience at the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.), the U.S. Tax Court and California Franchice Tax Board to create and implement advanced U.S.-local end-to-end tax solutions.  Our services include counselling (i) U.S. Persons on issues of tax, disclosure, or estate planning matters, as well as (ii) non-U.S. persons with business or investment matters in the U.S.

In the area of U.S. litigation, we have seen our non-US clients prefer to walk away from high-value legal rights they have against US-based defendants rather than pursue these rights in the United States.  Why?  Fear of the fee structures of U.S. attorneys.  This is true whether the clients have been multinational companies (banks or businesses) or individuals (shareholders, patent holders, investors or estate/trust beneficiaries).  

We solved this problem by adopting a success-based fee structure.  This model has proven attractive to even the most conservative clients, as it allows them to: 

  • secure US legal representation by US law firms who believe in their case and are willing to share the risk.  

  • obtain representation by Tier 1 law firms who possess a long history of success.

Over time, we have perfected this model by:

  • identifying specific areas of the law which are suitable to success-based litigation.

  • focusing only on high-value cases.*

  • developing a nationside network of Tier 1, highly competent US law firms who focus on success-based litigation.

Simply out, when we see a solid case where the likelihood of success and recovery are high, we are your partners.  

* We regularly litigate billion dollar cases.  We will only consider cases where the amount in dispute is at least $1,000,000.  

U.S. tax for americans abroad and nonresident aliens monte silver